The Additional Judo Training (AJT for short) is an innovative training method, based on the know-how of traditional judo, specialized for team sports. It is a fundamental development methodology for team sports – like strength-training or athletics-training.




Ice Hockey


  • Innovative, because no one has ever made a full system to train team sport players for duels, contacts and prevention
  • AJT, and not judo, because judo is just the basis for our training method. We formed the exercises of judo to adapt to the moves of each team sports – it is not the same for handball, and football! We analyzed the duels in each team sport, and made exercises specially just for the duels and prevention of handball, or football – our system is a complete answer for one area in training method, that has never been answered
  • Specialized, because after the basic trainings, we have special training program with sport- specific exercises for team sports

Based on our measurements, the number of duels are increasing, so the number of injuries are increasing too – the more duel a player has, the more chance he or she has to suffer an injury. As we can see, the number of fouls committed are increasing too. This is a huge factor in injuries – the irregular duels, like sliding from behind, or hitting the leg are cases causing a lot of injury and suffering.

If a player learns how he or she can avoid these situations, and learn how to move properly and efficiently in duel situations, he or she will

  • avoid a high number of injury
  • be assertive and dominant in every situation
  • win more one-on-one situationsAll in all, the player will facilitate the victory of the team.

Main goals

  • Winning duel situations
  • Proactively seeking contacts
  • Developing early sense
  • Developing mental strength
  • Gaining team dominance through dominance in one-on-one situations
  • Developing stability and balance
  • Eliminate injuries

situations and contacts. It consists of a set of well-designed, gradually and didactically-built fundamental exercises and moves, which over the time are deeply and instinctively learnt by the players. Due to the fundamental nature of the moves it is expected a much better handling of dangerous falls, thus avoiding potential injuries. AJT Pro course is not only a set of physical trainings and exercises, but AJT Pro is a mental and motivational development as well.

Without the intent of completeness, a few of the essential development areas for football:

focuses on the fundamental capabilities, how team players can succeed in winning their duel-

Elements of fundamental capabilities and fundamental moves development

  • biomechanics of collisions: using legs and arms efficiently
  • Efficient slides, forcing opponents to lose balance
  • Using efficient jumps, pull-backs, pushes in fighting for the ball
  • Efficient handling of the center ofgravity during attack and defense
  • Keeping the balance in extremesituations, controlling falls
  • Fundamental turns and steps
  • Dynamic tracing
  • Positioning, stability
  • Integration, realization

Elements of mental development on trainings in football

– Personal dominance, team dominance on the field

– Sharpened and focused attention in every situation

– Assertivity, initiation in duel situations in football

– Increasing fighting-spirit
– Increasing the characteristics of a 1-1

contact fighter – Discipline

– Faster recognition and reaction
– … All summed up in a significant team

cohesion and team-dominance

AJT is always leaded by a certificated AJT trainer. For details, see below by AJT certificate course. The training can be held in two options:

– On the sport field, using puzzle tatami (et. 50m2) – before the training, the players bring out and put down the puzzle tatami to train on, and after the training they put it to its place.
– In a dojo – the players go to a dojo chosen by the Football trainer, where the AJT trainer

makes the training

We use a gradually and didactically-built thematic, designed especially for every age group – from u10 to the pro adult football players.